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When it feels like it’s Good Friday, remember that Easter is coming.

Finally, Easter has finally arrived! Celebrated my Easter Sunday with the usual Salubong procession in the morning together with my family. Then, together with my sister and brother-in-law, we attended the Grand Easter Feast 2012 at SMX Convention Center.

This is superb. Just wow! Bro. Bo gave an inspirational talk about Jesus’ rise up. He resurrected because He bounced back from death. Same as, sometimes people fall down or get knocked out, but soon we’re ought to bounce back. Simply, He wants us to bounce with Him.

In the middle of the session, each one of us were given a bouncing ball and in that ball we wrote the words “All is well”. And at the end of the mass, we threw our own bouncing ball up high to symbolize that we are ready. Ready to bounce back, and to bounce higher. All is well!